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International   Psychic Medium *  Energy Healer * Spiritual  Teacher *  Author

Your session can be held over the phone,

​or an online video through a  Zoom link.

Phone or Zoom Video readings are as accurate as a reading that is done in person. Since I am connecting with the energy it will not affect your reading. When I contact you to schedule I will share more information about my sessions and at that time can answer any questions you might have about my sessions or the process. At your appointment time, I ask that you be ready and make arrangements​ not to be disturbed during your session.​

* My sessions will vary depending on what information YOU need during your session. I combine into my sessions Angel messages, animal communication, intuitive guidance, mediumship, energy healing/clearings, and teaching/mentoring. ​I added some information below that might help give you a better understanding of what might come through during a session.

I can connect with animals that are living and in spirit and then share their message with you. If they are living and need healing energy I will send healing energy to them.

I am able to connect with divine energies. We all have Angels and other divine energies with us and they love to share positive and loving messages. During your session, I can connect and give you a message from them.

I am able to receive information about you, your life, and your loved ones that are living. I can tune into your past lives and this life to give you insightful information.

I can connect you with your loved ones that have passed. I connect to their energy and give you messages that help you to know that your loved one is still with you. I usually get information about things that have happened since their passing and the different ways that you pick up on your loved one when your loved one's spirit comes in to visit you. Your loved ones might share information about different events that you have going on in your life as well. You might even get messages from someone else that you know that is living. (Friend, Co-Worker, Neighbor, etc) From their loved one wishing you to pass on a message to them. Spirits can start to come in before your session because they are excited to give you a message. If you have a pet that is on the other side they might come in during your session.

I channel high-vibration healing energy. Healing energy flows through me and into the client. This healing energy can clear away toxic emotions that you are holding onto from this life, and from past lives. When we hold onto toxic emotions (energies) it can create sickness and dis-ease in our physical bodies, mental bodies, spiritual bodies, and our emotional bodies. When that energy (emotions) is cleared it can promote healing. The client usually feels lighter or more relaxed after the session.

In my sessions, I like to share different information that you can use to keep your energy clear. For those that are highly intuitive, I will share information that can help you to develop your intuition or connect with your loved one's spirit in a safe protected way. I grew up as an intuitive child but it wasn't until I was an adult that I met someone that helped me understand and use my gifts. From this, I love to help others to understand theirs.

* When we start your session, I ask for you to let me give you what I am receiving first; only giving validation if you understand the information that is coming through. I ask that all questions wait until after I have given you what I have received. I find that you will receive more information if you allow the angels, guides, and loved ones to speak first.

* If you would like to connect with a certain loved one during your session, invite them by asking them quietly in your mind, or by asking it out loud (whatever feels the most comfortable to you). I cannot guarantee who will come in during your session since some spirits are better communicators than others, and some energies come in stronger and clearer.