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I was at the tender age of three when I saw my first spirit.  (please can you tell me more about this incident - where were you, what were you doing, how did you feel, what did you do next, what was your reaction). For many years, I was in denial of the gift I was blessed with, I was afraid of being labeled “weird” or even worse.


It was the middle of the day when I was vacuuming (tell me more about what season it was, what time of the day it was, what were you wearing) and I kept feeling “you are supposed to do something big” over and over to the point that I threw the vacuum hose down, stomped the “off” button on the vacuum cleaner and hollered, to no one in particular, “Okay, what am I supposed to do?”

Unlike the movies, there was no flash of lightning nor a rumble of thunder but I felt a certain sense of relief saying those words out loud like a suffocating weight had been lifted off my chest. True to the universe’s guidance, my answer came two days later when I first met a lovely lady who would go on to become my first spiritual teacher (please can you tell me more about the day you met her - you had a feeling you needed to talk to her but I believe you met up later and talked for hours - how many hours, what did you do next to lead to her becoming your teacher).

All of this has enabled me to learn, develop and fine-tune my intuition such that I can connect and communicate with the angels, my guides and teachers. I receive messages in different forms - seeing visions, hearing messages, physical and emotional feelings in my body while also as cognitive messages of knowing information subconsciously.

While being a psychic medium and intuitive healer, I am also an empath who feels what others feel - both emotionally and physically for the living and for those who have passed. A mediumship reading reveals physical symptoms of the spirit I am communicating with enabling loved ones to validate that it is indeed their loved one coming through. I also provide energy healing to remove any energy blocks causing my clients’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional pain. Being blessed to able to connect to the living and to spirits has enabled me to use these gifts to help with missing persons and missing pet cases.

I also teach different spiritual classes working with the angels to help my clients heal and bring about positive changes into their lives while the energy healing I provide enables me to tune into my clients’ energy to determine what they are holding onto preventing them from moving forward in their life journey.

Working with Divine Energies, I remove any negative energies that remain residual in my clients’ homes, energies that are not for their highest good. This would include anything negative that happened on the client’s property or if they have lingering negative energies from a negative guest in their home different after they leave or the presence of negative spirits.

I love to joke around and I love seeing others happy! If I am not doing my spiritual work I am with my family. I am happily married, I have three kids and one grandbaby. As someone who loves warm weather, I try to hibernate in the winter. I love to research and learn new things enabling me to be both a student and a teacher. It truly fills my heart with love to share healing with others, giving them closure or teaching them how they, too, can connect with the Angels, guides or loved ones. I pray for everyone that is looking for healing to find it.